We understand what it's like to be a startup, so we offer a discount to early stage companies who meet a few requirements. If you don't fit these requirements, we are not saying you're a bad company. You just don't qualify for the discounted rate. Why do we charge startups?  Question

  • Your company has fewer than 5 employees including full-time contractors.
  • Your company has at least one employee or founder who works at the company full-time.
  • You should be committed to a single startup concept/market. If you have multiple startups in the works, this won't be a good fit.
  • You should have a basic web presence.
  • You should be comfortable discussing your business in detail without requiring NDAs until late in the hiring process.
  • Your company is not in the consulting, finance, or advertising industry.
  • If the phrase "now I just need someone to build it for me" runs across your mind much, this won't be a good fit.